Johnson City, the "Twinkliest Town in the Hill Country", celebrates its 31st annual Lights Spectacular this season. Since 1989, Johnson City has transformed from a quaint hill country town into a sparkling Christmas wonderland. Originally, the festival served as a fundraiser for local clubs and organizations. Over the years, the festival has morphed into an event enjoyed by families from across the United States and beyond. 

Volunteers organize early each year to begin the process of transforming our presidential hometown into the brightest, merriest Christmas village in Texas. Our display consists of 2.3 million lights and can be seen from the International Space Station!


Residents, business owners, and community groups recognize the importance of Lights Spectacular for the community.  We work hard to make Lights Spectacular not only a family event for visitors, but a representation of the history and culture exemplified by small towns.


It truly takes a village to make this event happen.

Lodging and Restaurant information:

Johnson City Chamber of Commerce


P.O. Box 254 Johnson City, TX 78636